Patreon Update

So i have thought land and hard about if i should make patreon are not bothered but a couple of people have asked me to make it like some asked me to do shop and design clothing so did them spent a lot time design them and working on shop for pre order and the designs with but me off doing patreon as a lot told me from youtube the would order and let me down but some have order with help me a lot with stuff.

So i have jump the gun and make the patreon with will be launching soon just sort out the perks art and goals and sort the about us out and then it will be live

Mini Game Update #1

So today i did a little more work on escape from earth fixing some menu bugs and general code bugs and decided add something i planned on adding for a while and her it is a hidden block u need to hit to show and they will be hidden on level with makes for trolls or find hidden area.


Game Launcher #1

So below is a look at are all new beautiful studio game launcher this is still in early bate and has changedĀ  little since this screenshot was taken. So this will be used for games sold out side of marketplaces so each time there is update you don’t have to remember your log in details when are launcher will do all the work for you so you can seat back and watch it do the work for you. This will be used for future products to. This is currently windows only and Linux with wine or what ever it is called.


New Game Mechanic

So escape from earth has the jump through platform mechanic for a while but it has been kinda buggy with collision so this evening I decided to complete rewrite the code for 10 lines of very messy code to 1 line of code. So this works for half blocks as well call them and know full blocks so now you can walk in front of them and jump up to on top to walk. The video shows it off better.


Studio Shop update #1

So we are very happy to announce that are studio shop is know officially live and open for pre orders of awesome escape from earth stuff. You can pre order boxes edition of escape from earth to post cards and posters. We plan to add a lot more to the shop over next couple of weeks/months. We are currently working on are spreadshirt shop so you can are awesome clothing and help support us that way.


Save Tutorial Game Maker 2

So I decided to do a tutorial on sage system as I have look online a lot for this in the past and not really found much tell me about this stuff so I decided to do one. There is a link below to download the example or you can just look at the images below. I will include gml and drag and drop images. This is very simple to follow along and only uses 2 scripts and 2 object.

If follow along you should be able to press s to save your score and then l to load the save dater. This is just a very simple and good away to do it.

The save location for me isĀ C:\Users\Toxic\AppData\Local\(file name)

Download Code

Mac Update #1

Let’s talk a little bit about news on Mac support for Escape from Earth. As you can probably see on twitter a while back we got a Mac book to look at supporting Mac. We thought it would be straight forward to port Escape from Earth to Mac but this turned out not to be the case as we needed to get a license from Apple which at the moment we don’t have the money or plans to do. This might change later so keep an eye out for a blog update on mac support.

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Publish Date: 29/04/2017

Linux Update #1

Now let’s talk about Linux. At the moment Linux support for escape from earth is looking great. We are currently looking for some Linux beta testers to give us feedback and report any Linux bugs. The pc we use to export to Linux can’t really be used to test on as this is a just emulator and they are not best for gaming on. Keep an eye out for a Linux update.

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Copyeditor Stuart S

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Publish Date: 29/04/2017

Blog Update #1

If you are reading this then you can see we have a completely new website and design. So, there have been a lot of changes to the websites over the last few months form moving between WordPress and to custom cms to now. We hope you love the new design as it will be staying. We have a lot of plans for it and are working on adding new stuff to it slowly. Currently we are working on the blog as you can see from the new blog posts. We are also looking in to deigns for a full user dashboard, where you will be able to chat to other players and build your own profile. We will have twitter style follow/tweet system and profile verification which will not be too hard to get. There will be several ways to get your profile verified on the website. We will also support signing in with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and more. Well, keep an eye out for the next blog post. We are not sure when next web update will be so keeping an eye out for it.

Help System

The help system is currently being worked on. Watch out for more information about this soon.


Escape from Earth will be going live for crowdfunding from Monday 1 st May 2017 with crowdfunding site If you would like to fund the project there is a link below for that // earth-a- enjoyable-puzzle- plat-former- game and if you help back the project thank you so so much.

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Publish Date: 31/04/2017